West Indies Charter Yacht Services Limited

West Indies Charter Yacht Services Limited

We are a company specializing in crewed charters, both sailing and motor. Your sailing or motor yacht holiday is carefully designed using your own preferences and criteria. Imagine sailing among dolphins and turtles as your private yacht explores the United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and possibly beyond…

Or consider a holiday pampered by your personal staff aboard an elegant motor yacht, effortlessly transporting you to the beach or luxury resorts along the way that are elegantly comparable with the Costa Dorada Holidays.

This is a very special vacation. Endless water activities await you. Whether it’s SCUBA diving or snorkeling, kayaking or windsurfing, fishing or feeding them by hand, collecting shells or just relaxing on a secluded beach– it’s your vacation and you call the shots.

The Caribbean remains a safe and unspoiled playground for you to explore. There are old sugar mills and forts, caves and grottos and underwater wrecks of ships from a bygone day. Often there is a spontaneous “jump up” by the locals and you are always welcome. When it’s time to say goodbye to new friends and the Caribbean beat, all you need do is look a short distance out to sea–your private yacht beckons. Your home away from home is awaiting your command. This all-inclusive floating resort is under your direction. And remember, you only unpack ONCE. We will provide professional and caring consideration when recommending our yachts. We know these boats and crews! For more information and reservations please contact:


We know these Boats and Crews!
West Indies Charter Yacht Services, Ltd.
Denver, Colorado

Toll Free USA: 877-772-7245
Phone/ Fax: 303-860-0005

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